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9mm 147 grain, flat tip, beveled base

Made from high-quality lead and coated with a polymer bullet coating, DG Bullets provides the highest quality shooting experience. Polymer coated bullets create smoother performance with less friction and less mess.

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Made from high-quality lead and coated with a polymer bullet coating, DG Bullets provides the highest quality shooting experience:

✔️Prevent leading in the barrel
✔️Reduced wear on the barrel
✔️With a fully encapsulated bullet, exposure to lead is minimized
✔️Decreased smoke
✔️No mess from lube
✔️Our machinery is specifically designed for coated bullet production in pistol calibers
From start to finish, our goal is quality, consistency and timeliness.

FP  – Flat Point

BB – Beveled Base to make it easier to place into casing

Sized to .356

Custom sizing is available.

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14 reviews for 9MM 147GR FP BB

  1. Avatar of Devin


    I’ve shot several thousand of these 147’s from Dave at DG. The shoot clean and accurate. Dave is an outstanding guy and takes great pride in his products.

  2. Avatar of Mike


    Awesome shooting bullets! Weights were consistent and bullets aren’t slippery to hold like some brands. Will buy again!

  3. Avatar of Jeff


    I have shot over 400 rounds of this weight. These bullets are very reasonably priced. My barrel is always clean after shooting these bullets. I will continue to buy from DG Bullets going forward.

  4. Avatar of Jesse C

    Jesse C (verified owner)

    I just finished chronoing these bad boys. I have loaded up 2,000+ so far in my Dillon 550. No loading issues whatsoever. Shot over 3.2 grains of Titegroup and with Winchester small pistol primers. Average velocity from my 4″ barrel m&p 2.0 compact was 897. That gives me a power factor of 131.86. That’s right where I want to be. Standard deviation was 10 FPS.

    10 round average velocity is

  5. Avatar of mariobrenes91

    mariobrenes91 (verified owner)

    Wow is all needed to describe these 147gr ….. They look great, weight is consistent. Please bring the Round Nose Flat Points

  6. Avatar of Howard H

    Howard H

    I’ve ran about 2k of these in the last year. Excellent consistency, accuracy, at a great price!. Couldn’t ask for anything better. I prefer to buy from a company who gives back to the shooting sports. DG bullets sponsors many major matches across the U.S. Cant ask for better service as he will bring your order to a match to save you shipping. They have certainly made me a loyal customers!

  7. Avatar of vtcowchow

    vtcowchow (verified owner)

    I’m ordering my 3rd case of 9mm 147 FP’s. I’ve been pleased with the consistency and performance of DG, and I’ve shot Hi Tec coated 9mm from other companies for about 6 years previously. I like that there is no lube grove in the DG 147’s giving more bearing surface for hopefully better accuracy. The recent coating change is an improvement keeping the coating where it belongs vs. on your hands when loading.

  8. Avatar of Gabe S.

    Gabe S.

    Excellent bullet and excellent people. Customer service at its best.

  9. Avatar of John Lincoln

    John Lincoln (verified owner)

    Well, I just ordered my 6th or maybe 7th case. They’re very good bullets, consistent dimension/weight and fast shipping.

  10. Avatar of michael

    michael (verified owner)

    Excellent bullet, performance, and service.
    Have loaded and fired over 1k of these as subs out of a suppressed PCC. They run clean, accurate, and consistent.
    Will definitely order more. I liked these so much I have ordered other calibers as well.

  11. Avatar of James Beliveau

    James Beliveau (verified owner)

    Great Bullets at a Great Price. Will order more for sure..

  12. Avatar of Bruce

    Bruce (verified owner)

    I compared these long flat sided 147 grain bullets to different 147 grain 9mm with lube grooves. Bullets with lube groves would occasionally shave a crescent if coating and lead if they were not precisely stacked on the belled case. To date the smooth sided DG 147 grain bullets have not.

  13. Avatar of William

    William (verified owner)

    These bullets load and shoot very well. I like that they don’t leave a smoke cloud like traditional lead rounds. My only real gripe about them how they load. I always get some of the coating shaved off when I press the bullet to seat. This causes my bench to be covered in little flakes of the coating everywhere. I also wonder how this looks from the inside, as in if the lead is exposed again or not. But, like I said, the rounds load and shoot very, very well and I would recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable load.

  14. Avatar of bullgator5

    bullgator5 (verified owner)

    These DG 147gr. FP BB bullets are fantastic. I’ve loaded and shot cast lead, coated and uncoated from lots of vendors over the years, but these have really impressed me with their quality, consistency and accuracy. I get zero leading in my guns and they also seem to produce less smoke, although that could also be due in part to powder selection. I use a Lyman M-die for expansion on my single stage press, or a DA Mr. BulletFeeder Dillon Powder Funnel for my XL750 when I’m loading up for a Match. Either option gives you perfect seating with no shaving of the HiTek coating. Lastly, the folks at DG have lightening fast processing and shipping even to us out here on the the Left Coast. They’ve earned my respect and business for life!

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