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9mm 135 grain, round nose, beveled base

Made from high-quality lead and coated with a polymer bullet coating, DG Bullets provides the highest quality shooting experience. Polymer coated bullets create smoother performance with less friction and less mess.

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Made from high-quality lead and coated with a polymer bullet coating, DG Bullets provides the highest quality shooting experience:

✔️Prevent leading in the barrel
✔️Reduced wear on the barrel
✔️With a fully encapsulated bullet, exposure to lead is minimized
✔️Decreased smoke
✔️No mess from lube
✔️Our machinery is specifically designed for coated bullet production in pistol calibers
From start to finish, our goal is quality, consistency and timeliness.

RN – Round Nose

BB – Beveled Base to make it easier to place into casing

NLG – No Lube Groove which gives bullet more drive band to help increase accuracy.

Sized to .356

Custom sizing is available.

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14 reviews for 9MM 135GR RN BB

  1. Avatar of Joe A.

    Joe A.

    Had DG Bullets custom size them to .358 for my revolver. Very, I mean VERY accurate!

  2. Avatar of Jasen Slattery

    Jasen Slattery

    Excellent bullet. They are actually a little heavier and weigh 136-137 grains which I like.

  3. Avatar of Alex Chambers

    Alex Chambers

    I picked up 124, 135 & 147 for ladder testing and accuracy. Compared them to a “blue” brand and two other competition bullets. Tested accuracy at 10, 15 & 20 yards. The 135s came out ahead of them all. I got my PF minor to 128. Great bullet, just need to order more… which is a good thing.

  4. Avatar of Alex S.

    Alex S. (verified owner)

    Ordered a case of 135 gr based on feedback from others. Was not disappointed. Bullets are very consistent in size and weight. Coating is nice too. Very accurate bullet. More so than some blue ones I have used. I now shot about 1400 and very happy with them.

  5. Avatar of Tim Fingeroos

    Tim Fingeroos (verified owner)

    Very consistent batch to batch.

  6. Avatar of kendellsgk

    kendellsgk (verified owner)

    Excellent bullet. High Quality at a reasonable price.

  7. Avatar of kendellsgk

    kendellsgk (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping. I didn’t expect to get these until Jan 2020. This 135 grain bullet is the perfect balance between 125 and 147 grain bullets out of my SP-01. Very accurate!

  8. Avatar of Calvin

    Calvin (verified owner)

    Love DG bullets, Shoot great out of my Glock 17! Buy as many as you can!

  9. Avatar of Casey Echtinaw

    Casey Echtinaw (verified owner)

    I have loaded and shot around 6000 of these. excellent accuracy out of long list of different brand handguns. would highly recommend.

  10. Avatar of Brad

    Brad (verified owner)

    Nicely done DGB! As a competitive shooter, I have loaded many types of jacketed and coated bullets over many years for USPSA. Some, of course, performed better than others. But, due to the current price inflations on bullets and reloading components, as well as the extreme shipping delays, I had to go on the hunt for a new reliable bullet company. After researching a popular shooting forum, I discovered some excellent reviews on DG bullets.
    I must say, these DG 135 RNBB are hands down some of the most accurate and soft shooting bullets that I have ever reloaded! 1.10 OAL, 3.3gr of VV-N320, federal brass and primers makes it very soft shooting and extremely accurate @940 fps (126.9 PF) out of my CGW Shadow 2. Thank you DGB for a great product and extremely fast shipping…

  11. Avatar of M. Kim

    M. Kim (verified owner)

    I’m relatively new to reloading and was curious about all the types of projectiles available. On a whim I gave DG Bullets a try and was pleasantly surprised. I now have a dependable recipe with the desired Power Factor that was more accurate than some factory ammo out there. 135 gr is my go-to now. Thank you DG Bullets!

  12. Avatar of Chris

    Chris (verified owner)

    Wonderful company with a great product!
    The 135 grain Bullets loaded great , a very consistent, well finished Bullet. I run them through a Zev 0Z9 in Steel Challenge, they are insanely accurate! Definitely my new Bullet !

  13. Avatar of Brian Watkins

    Brian Watkins (verified owner)

    Awesome bullets !!! we run them through my son’s pcc very accurate

  14. Avatar of kendellsgk

    kendellsgk (verified owner)

    Sorry to see you go, Dave. I have enjoyed your products and customer service for many years. Enjoy your retirement!

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