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9mm 124 grain, round nose, beveled base

Made from high-quality lead and coated with a polymer bullet coating, DG Bullets provides the highest quality shooting experience. Polymer coated bullets create smoother performance with less friction and less mess.

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Made from high-quality lead and coated with a polymer bullet coating, DG Bullets provides the highest quality shooting experience:

✔️Prevent leading in the barrel
✔️Reduced wear on the barrel
✔️With a fully encapsulated bullet, exposure to lead is minimized
✔️Decreased smoke
✔️No mess from lube
✔️Our machinery is specifically designed for coated bullet production in pistol calibers
From start to finish, our goal is quality, consistency and timeliness.

CN – Conical Nose

BB – Beveled Base to make it easier to place into casing

NLG – No Lube Groove which gives bullet more drive band to help increase accuracy

Sized to .356

Custom sizing is available.

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17 reviews for 9MM 124GR RN BB NLG

  1. Heuserst

    Dam Good bulleets!

  2. Tate T. (verified owner)

    I have to say I’m impressed with your 124 grain 9mm round nose.
    For the price, these things feed and shoot great out of my STI DVC 3 gun.
    Will definitely buy again!

  3. William Malone (verified owner)

    Tried these for the first time this morning. First of all, they arrived very quickly and were packed very well. Additionally there was also a package of sample bullets in addition to my order, and a cup cozy too. Great service.

    They load very well. No issues at all using a Dillon 550b. Took them to the range, and over 4.5g #2 and shooting out of a glock they are very accurate at 9 yards.

    I’m a convert to DG Bullets and will be purchasing all future bullets from here. Great service. Great prices and great product.

    Thank you DG Bullets.

    Bill M….

  4. Marcelino R. (verified owner)

    This is my new go to source for 9mm LRN. Not only is the quality superb, but Jim shipped my order out within a day and I had them 2 days later. He answered all of my questions concisely and promptly. The pricing was slightly less than what I was paying from my previous supplier, so that was the icing on the cake. Jim, keep up the good work down there at DG and you have a loyal customer here for life. Thank you again!

  5. scottcampos1 (verified owner)

    Super pleased with the quality of these 124 gr RN bullets.

    Load great in my 1050 and no trouble with my Mr Bullet Feeder either.

    DG has the fastest turn around time on shipping as well.

    Thank you guys for a great product at an incredibly fair price point.

  6. Brandon (verified owner)

    Great bullets and fast shipping!

  7. buds230 (verified owner)

    DG bullets are top notch and they ship fast and use the shipping money on the shipping. The 3 day shipping is spot on BUT USPS likes to delay the delivery so be patient. Will order again very soon…

  8. Brian (verified owner)

    These are great projectiles for the money. I
    Loaded up 7000 rounds with no issues in my XL750 and they shoot just as nicely. I will definitely be buying more when needed

  9. ppentsjp (verified owner)

    Just shot these for the first time over 4.2 HP-38. I’m impressed very! very! accurate. My new source for 9mm. Great price- Fast shipping.

  10. william

    bought some 230 gr rn for my 45 a couple weeks back and was surprised how much accuracy improved over the blue guys. they look cool too in emerald green! ordering the 124 and 135s next…so grateful for DG (Damn Good) bullets

  11. james (verified owner)

    I bought these for plinking rounds rather than using FMJ defensive projectiles for practice in a new cz p10. they are a great option. A word of warning, CZ pistols have notoriously short chambers. If you load these for CZ pistols they need to be loaded at a C.O.A.L of around minus .002-.003 than the prescribed COAL from reloading data of 1.15, i.e your COAL should be around 1.12-1.13 or else they will not chamber correctly (you will get chamber jams) due to the geometry of the bullet as it engages with the feed ramps. So be sure to adjust accordingly for CZ weapons.

  12. psdkt1 (verified owner)

    First order was 500, second 1,000. DG staff answered my question. 124grn accurate and uniform.

  13. aclark19992000 (verified owner)

    Should have known that if these were available they weren’t very good, now I know. My shotgun shoots better groups with Buckshoot than these bullets can from ALL of my firearms in this caliber. Worst mistake I have made in a while. Anyone want to buy 3000 cheap?

  14. mange.krohn (verified owner)

    9mm 124 Gr. RN BB NLG were not a good fit for my Glock 17 gen 5 and can’t be recommended.

    On a positive note, DG Bullets should pride itself for fast shipping. I have successfully used DG Bullets 125 grain bullets without any issues.

  15. Steve Z (verified owner)

    Finally loaded and shot them in a Glock43, 124 Gr Rn BB, over 4.3 of 231. I had to seat them a little deeper to pass the plunk test, but they shot great, not one problem!

  16. ppentsjp (verified owner)

    Tried these in half a dozen different pistols with my friends. If loaded right and crimped correctly. Accurate in all tests. From a old 20+ year old Ruger P-85 to a Sig 228. With 2.5 in groups at 10 yards….. good enough for me.

  17. Gabriel (verified owner)

    Great projectiles! I use the 124 grain RN in a Taurus G3 with 3.2 grains of accurate no 2.

    Great results and cheap. Going to try these coated bullets in a 350 legend load if I can get the proper coal. 27 grains lil gun and I should be good.

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