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9mm 115 grain, round nose, beveled base

Made from high-quality lead and coated with a polymer bullet coating, DG Bullets provides the highest quality shooting experience. Polymer coated bullets create smoother performance with less friction and less mess.

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Made from high-quality lead and coated with a polymer bullet coating, DG Bullets provides the highest quality shooting experience:

✔️Prevent leading in the barrel
✔️Reduced wear on the barrel
✔️With a fully encapsulated bullet, exposure to lead is minimized
✔️Decreased smoke
✔️No mess from lube
✔️Our machinery is specifically designed for coated bullet production in pistol calibers
From start to finish, our goal is quality, consistency and timeliness.

RN – Round Nose

BB – Beveled Base to make it easier to place into a casing

NLG – No Lube Groove which gives bullet more drive band to help increase accuracy

Sized to .356

Custom sizing is available


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21 reviews for 9MM 115GR RN BB

  1. Avatar of heuserst1



  2. Avatar of John


    Very consistent weight and seemed like they were easier to place in casings vs the blue ones I have used before. Will buy many more!

  3. Avatar of Jeff


    These bullets shoot very well, easy to load, they shoot clean. I toured the factory and Dave takes a lot of steps to perform quality checks on these bullets. All of my rounds have been grade A+ will continue to buy his bullets.

  4. Avatar of AP


    Love them! Running the 115g in my open gun, in 9 Major. Pushing them up to and over 1500fps, they are doing great! Weight, uniformity and accuracy is superb. Have tried many of the other coated and these are definitely my favorite. The coating doesn’t rub off on your hands and isn’t thin like some of the other brands. I also don’t get excessive leading at major velocities with these. Daves QC and CS is above and beyond. Will be sticking with these for open. Can’t see any reason to pay more for jacketed.

  5. Avatar of punisher2490

    punisher2490 (verified owner)

    Great projos what else needs to be said

  6. Avatar of Gary wheatley

    Gary wheatley (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say thank you. I reloaded 100rd and they seat perfectly, fly with accuracy. DG Should stand for DAM GREAT

  7. Avatar of Hugh Mannisto

    Hugh Mannisto (verified owner)

    I tried these for my Steel Challenge PCC for the first time a few weeks back. I was pleasantly surprised with the accuracy and they functioned 100%, Really quick delivery too in the middle of all the COVID madness. Thanks, I’ll be back.

  8. Avatar of John Kent Schiffermuller

    John Kent Schiffermuller (verified owner)

    Really are, “Damn Good Bullets” and at a superb price. Nobody was so much as an open end wrench in stock in 9mm and I got 1000 in about a week.

  9. Avatar of dspingree

    dspingree (verified owner)

    shooting out of a CZ75 and Browning High Powers. Very nice-clean to reload, and I appreciate the bevel base and no lube groove. loaded to 1.08 oal, the CZ REALLY likes them!

  10. Avatar of Bryton Casey

    Bryton Casey (verified owner)

    I have been using these for my personal reloads for a while now. I have probably bought approximately 10,000 of these. I have zero complaints about the quality of these. They shoot better than I expected. The price is extremely fair I feel for what they are. If you are looking to buy bullets to simply make target loads, these are perfect. I will continue to buy your bullets. Thank you for providing a quality product at a fair price.

  11. Avatar of Gforce

    Gforce (verified owner)

    I started using DG Bullets back in 2020 and shoot them in my Glocks, CZ Scorpion, and HK and love the accuracy and quality. DG Bullets are now my #1 choice for reloading projectiles.

  12. Avatar of jcarrollfarley

    jcarrollfarley (verified owner)

    Great company. Fast shipping and high quality. Can’t ask for anything else

  13. Avatar of bturner48


    Have used 200 gr SWC in my Kimber 1911 and they worked excellent. Just ordered 3500 – 124gr in 9mm. I am sure they will perform just as well. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Bob Turner

  14. Avatar of Brian James

    Brian James (verified owner)

    Great projectile. Loaded at 1.08OAL and my CZ75D PCR eats them up.

  15. Avatar of jdesaave

    jdesaave (verified owner)

    Fast service and fair price when so many are gouging. Quality is good. Would prefer red but just kidding. Green is fine. I’m making 9mm 115gr and .38 147gr practice ammo. Shooting through the shortages and price gouging with a smile. Keep up the good work

  16. Avatar of Paul

    Paul (verified owner)

    I have now gone through 1100 of them. They fed reliably through my progressive press and I had no feeding issues through my gun in OEM and 3rd party magazines. They made great, visible marks on painted steel and were sufficiently accurate. I had no issues cleaning my barrel.

  17. Avatar of Ellijay Tom

    Ellijay Tom (verified owner)

    4gr Bullseye or American Select, spp or srp, oal 1.13+- out of an RIA 9mm 1911FS, cycles the gun, very accurate and min leading. Honest price.Fun to shoot.

  18. Avatar of Carlos Valles

    Carlos Valles (verified owner)

    4.8g unique, Oal: 1.115, shoots @ 1,062 FPS out of a Glock 27 with an Alpha Wolf conversion barrel to 9mm. Plan on using this for Steel Challenge.

    Hope GDBullets will cast wadcutters for 38 Special. Might have to “bite the bullet” and use their SWC.

  19. Avatar of Ed

    Ed (verified owner)

    Great bullets!
    I’ve used both 9mm and 45 and both shoot clean and accurate with consistent weights. Great pricing and fast shipping even during this madness.

  20. Avatar of David Kendell

    David Kendell (verified owner)

    The bullets I received measured .355 which resulted in extreme leading of the barrel of my 9mm. I checked the 125gr bullets I have and found the same thing, sized .355. I shot a few in my .380ACP and it wasn’t too bad but not as advertised.

  21. Avatar of lawrence trahan

    lawrence trahan (verified owner)

    9mm is fussy when it comes to powder, crimp, sizing and leads easily. not these bullets. no leading, super accurate love em.

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