45ACP 200 gr. SWC BB

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45 caliber ACP 200 grain semi wad cutter, beveled base

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These lead cast bullets are made from 92-6-2 alloy and are then coated in HiTek Supercoat coating.  The benefits to shooting are numerous and include: The coating molecularly bonds to the bullet totally encapsulating it.  Coating prevents lead to bore contact.  Much less smoke compared with traditional lubed bullets.  We use a special lubricant during the sizing process to prevent the slippery, slimy feel many coated bullets have, making them easier to hold while placing them in the casings.  Bullets feed well in automated bullet feeders too! Shoot higher velocities without lead fouling.  Can be shot through polygonal rifling. This 45ACP 200 gr. Bullet has:

SWC – Semi Wad Cutter

BB – Beveled Base to make it easier to place into casing

NLG – No Lube Groove which gives bullet more drive band to help increase accuracy.


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2 reviews for 45ACP 200 gr. SWC BB

  1. Steve Zavoda (verified owner)

    So far these are the MOST accurate bullets that I have loaded. (5 shot 1 hole group measuring 1.1 inches @30′).

  2. jbarnaba1 (verified owner)

    Very happy! My first order with DG…5 stars! Quick shipping when many others are weeks or months behind. I love the green Hi-Tek coating. Great communication and tracking info. Be back soon!

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