Company Information:

DG Bullets are polymer coated, lead cast bullets for the discriminating re-loader and competitive shooter!

Your shooting experience is only as good as the bullets you use. That’s why it’s important to use DG Bullets! Made from high-quality lead and coated with a Polymer Bullet coating, DG Bullets provides the highest quality shooting experience:

  • Prevent leading in the barrel
  • Reduced wear on the barrel
  • With a fully encapsulated bullet, exposure to lead is minimized
  • Decreased smoke
  • No mess from lube

Our machinery is specifically designed for coated bullet production in pistol calibers. From start to finish, our goal is quality, consistency and timeliness. We give you superior bullets using only 2-6-92 “hardball” lead supplied from an ISO 9001 certified foundry coated with a polymer bullet coating.

DG Bullets is a small, family owned and operated business located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

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